Phantomix / Knoppix Live CD - Dial-In Setup

Dial-In Setup - Step by Step

  1. Make sure that your modem is set up correctly.
  2. Click on the penguin. A menu pops up. Click on Network/Internet, in the next menu click on Modem Dialer
  3. Click on Configure...
  4. Click on the Modems tab.
  5. Click on New...
  6. In the field Modem name enter a name for your modem. Check the other settings. In some cases you may have to change Connection speed to a lower value like 115200 or less.
  7. Click on the Modem tab. To test your modem settings, click on Query Modem..."
  8. You should see a new window with the query results. Click on Close.
  9. Click on OK to close the modem window.
  10. Now your modem is listed in the Modems tab. Click on the Accounts tab.
  11. In most cases you will have to choose Manual Setup.
  12. Enter a name for your connection in the field Connection name. Then click on Add...
  13. Enter the phone number of the connection. Then click on OK.
  14. In most cases you will not have to change the other settings. Click on OK to close the window.
  15. Now your newly created account is listed in the Accounts tab. Click on OK to close the window. You can come back later to edit the account settings or enter a new one.
  16. Now your newly created account is displayed in the dial-in menu. Enter the Login ID (username) and Password from your internet provider. Then click on Connect to start dialing.
  17. A new window should have opened. Look at the displayed text to see what is happening. Check the number and listen to the sound of your modem.
  18. If the window changes to this view, everything is ok. You are connected to the internet and can start surfing.

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Last change: 2006-01-23