Phantomix Live CD


Phantomix is a Knoppix based Operating System running on a CD drive without using the hard drive. It is configured to use the Tor and Privoxy software for anonymous internet communication. Using Tor can help you anonymize web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications for your safety and security.



Work on the next edition of Phantomix has started. The preview is no longer available.


A special version of Phantomix is featured in the august DVD edition of CHIP.


We have a new FTP mirror:


FTP mirror Erlangen is down. Please stay stuned for alternative download sites.

Phantomix Instructions

Download, burn and run it


  1. Download the ISO image from
  2. Verify MD5 Checksum. You should also verify the checksum file. It is signed with this Certified Public Key.
  3. Burn ISO image onto CD. (How to burn an ISO image)
  4. Make sure that your computer is configured to boot from CD. Insert CD in CD drive and start / restart your computer.
  5. After a moment you should see the Phantomix start screen. You can enter any Knoppix Cheat Code (recommended: knoppix dma lang=us to speed up CD access, english language settings) or press <enter> to start booting.
  6. In menu (1) configure your modem / network / DSL connection.
  7. Use konqueror (2) for unprotected surfing.
  8. Use firefox (3) for protected, anonymous surfing.
  9. Use gaim for anonymous messaging.

Testing your anonymity

  1. Start konqueror (2)
  2. Visit showmyip
  3. Start firefox (3)
  4. Visit showmyip
  5. Compare the results. The displayed IP address should change every ten minutes.
  6. Visit this page. It should be displayed without ads.





Known Issues


Next Release

The next release of Phantomix Live CD will probably be based on the Kanotix Live CD. It will be dependent on the next major release of Tor.

For customized versions of the Live CD please contact CGHM.

Last change: 2007-08-12